Thu,20 Jan 2022

Challenging the ‘Black Paradox’

This online conference, taking place on 16th March, is for everyone who has an interest in creating and sustaining an anti-racist society.

This is the second conference of the BFELG, following a year of prodigious success in getting anti-racism back on the education agenda.

The conference will:

Introduce the ‘Black Paradox’ conceptually;

Illustrate how it plays out across sectors and the 4 UK nations;

Showcase challenges to the ‘Black Paradox’ by nations, organisations & individuals;

Challenge Black* people & their role in maintaining systemic racism;

Include break-out sessions opportunities for attendees to contribute to the debate;

Demonstrate the imperative for collective responsibility & joined-up action to challenge the ‘Black Paradox’;

Identify key actions for implementation.

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